…Travel Guide for Las Vegas…

Last year around this time I was preparing for a girl’s trip in Las Vegas! It seems like it was years ago! Can you imagine being in a crowded place like the airport or pool party right now? I definitely miss them but in the meantime as we wait for the borders to re-open, let’s dive into this quick travel guide for Las Vegas. I remember being so excited for this summer vacation, it took us weeks to plan this. Looking at all inclusive vacations, cheap vacations, the perfect flight and hotel combo, any groupon travel deals, basically searching for the dream travel vacation. Here are a few tips to help you out on a Las Vegas trip.

Good Company

Luckily for me, I am friends with a very organized trip planner. She created excel sheets where everyone could put details about the trip, from hotel ideas to activities; she captured everything that we needed to know.  That brings me to my first point, make sure you are going with the right people! You want people who are organized and have the same interests as you so that you can have fun. I love my friends and we all had a great time!  

Las Vegas Girls trip


Weather Conditions

A brutal, BRUTAL realization was the weather. Being African I thought “I can handle heat!” Yeah, I was wrong. Las Vegas weather is another monster, especially in July. We had to stay inside for the most part during the day because the heat was unbearable.  So please check the best times to travel. From my understanding March to May and September to November is the best period to avoid the heat. 

Las Vegas Weather 

Saving Money 

I can’t remember how much the trip cost us , but overall I think we did good financially. Our trip was 4-days long from Thursday to Sunday. We booked our flights very early which helped with cost (around $350 round trip from Canada). We looked up different hotel deals, and found an airbnb option to stay at the MGM hotel, we had access to everything there like regular guests; this was cheaper than booking through the hotel directly. Major lesson for me was that I did not budget for Taxi/Uber! It was too hot to walk anywhere so even for small distances, we ended up hopping in an Uber, and let me tell you, that adds up! I don’t think Vegas is an expensive trip destination, just make sure to budget and look for deals.

Las Vegas Vacation Budget  

Party time

This tip is more for the ladies, If you are going to Vegas to party, you pretty much can do that for FREE! Yes free! Just bring your beautiful self out and you are good to go! A lot of promoters try to get girls at their parties and will put you on guest lists. We had so many different options that it was hard to keep up where to go. Don’t worry fellas I got you, there is also this website “No Cover Nightclubs where you can sign up to be on guest lists and bottle reservations for all the dayclubs, nightclubs and events in the city.

Las Vegas Day Party


Last Vegas Strip

The strip has everything there and I feel like something is going on all the time! There are so many beautiful hotels you have access to like the Caesars, Bellagio, Venetian. You have stores to shop, restaurants and bars with amazing food and drinks. There is access to many concerts or live entertainment shows like Cirque du Soleil. We went to see Magic Mike which was pretty fun but for some reason there was NO RESIDENCY that weekend, which was a bit disapointing. It was like all the artists went on vacation just that weekend. Make sure to look at what is going on during the days you are there if you want to catch a good show.

Las Vegas City



There is soooo much to do in Vegas even if you aren’t about the party scene. They have different museums, casinos and you can even visit the Hoover Dam. It is one of the tallest Dams in the world. It was such a beautiful view! Remember Las Vegas is an experience so make sure you take full advantage of it!  Avoid taking naps any time after 6pm especially after a long day of walking around dehydrated. You won’t wake up for any plans you made for that night haha! That happened to 3 of us and my cousin who was awake was livid because we were supposed to go out that night and she was the only one up and ready! Sorry boo!

Hoover Dam


Overall, Las Vegas is a fun girls trip destination, there is still so much I could talk about but I will stop there. If you made it this far, thank you and please share this post. I hope it can help out anyone who is thinking of Las Vegas for their next trip!