…Three Current Fashion Trends…

Yes, yes we are slowly getting back to our norm, well actually we are now entering the new normal. Some of you are still stuck inside, others like me have been forced back out in the world. Parties, events and trips are still all CANCELLED. it’s been tiring to be stuck at home, unless you are one of those people who never took this Covid-19 situation seriously and you have been ignoring social distancing and all quarantine things this whole time. In that case, please exit stage left, because it is that type of mentality that kept the rest of us who were actually listening to the rules stuck inside for way longer than necessary. Therefore, we don’t want you here, sorry not sorry! Welcome back to the rest of us who are busy planning our return to the world. For starters, I hope everyone is trying their best to stay on their healthy tip and reach whatever goals you have set for yourself. Today, what I want to do is help you with the fashion realm, let’s go shopping! Well virtually shopping that is haha.

2020 has been rough, I hope I can get your mind off some of the crazy things that have happened so far. Let’s start on a positive note, what are the fashion trends right now? What should we look forward to this summer wardrobe ? 

At the beginning of the year, a couple of magazines came out with their 2020 fashion trends. Here is a list of three of those trends, Do you think the critics were right? Are you currently wearing some of these trends?

Polka dots

I feel like this trend will never go away. The polka dots have been in style since the 1930s’ (Yes I checked) and have made its presence in fashion throughout the years. I am not a pattern type girl, polka dots included. But I found some cute outfits from ZARA for anyone who would like to rock those dots (click here).

Of course, you can go big with bright colors, like this cute green dress with white polka dots. A very summery look.


Or you can rock a more subtle look like this white embroidered polka dot blouse, either way I think there are a lot of options out there.




Next trend: SUITS!! I am in love with the oversized suit look for women. I have been trying to get my hands on the perfect one and it’s harder than I thought. Essentially, I could order one online but I rather have the opportunity to try it on first. Honestly, if that look doesn’t suit me (no pun intended), I will be devastated! Of course, I know I won’t be looking as dashing as Rihanna wearing the Jacquemus all white suit at her Fenty event in Seoul but a girl can dream!

 Asos has a couple of options at a decent price and with a variety of colors. 

Now that it’s warmer, a full suit might not be ideal, but don’t worry you can still rock the suit look just pair it with Bermuda or Cycling shorts!



This is one trend that I hope is here to stay. I really dig the monochromatic look and you can literally rock it all year long. Basically, you just wear the same color head to toe, it doesn’t get any easier than that. You may want to spice it up a little and wear different shades of that color, but keeping it around the same tone. So just pick a color, and shop for items! Here are some outfits I find on Pinterest if you need some inspiration.


 Alright, so these are just a few trends, considering we are still in lock down, let’s make the best out of things and working on my wardrobe is definitely one exciting thing I can hold on to!