…The Art of Staying Warm…

The summer days are now long gone! It’s now December, and it’s starting to get ridiculously cold. To quote one of my favourite shows, Games of thrones “Winter is coming.” Are you ready? Well, technically winter has beeeennnnnn here and to be honest I’m still not ready! I am not a winter person and the decrease in temperature only makes me cringe considering it’s going to get worse. The only thing that will help me is the fashion. I love the sweaters, boots, coats, scarfs and etc. The key is to layer properly and to get a proper coat (or coats), that will do the job and keep you warm. For some of you not scared of the cold, you’ll need to be well equipped in order to spend some time outside. Here are some of my favourite type of coats:

Last summer I got lucky, The Brande Group was having a major warehouse sale and they were selling coats at a discounted price (if my memory serves me right they were $40 or less). Two of the coats below are from that sale, check my previous blog post to know more about the  sale. I love how long this navy blue one is, it has two pockets on the side and its very easy to wear dressed down with a pair of jeans or dressed up for work or going out to dinner.

-Check out a similar one on Asos

Another popular style is the wrap coat or coats with a belt, this one is so comfy. I love wearing it with a skirt and heels. It is a pretty light coat so I wouldn’t wear it if I was planning on being outside for a while. On the other hand I love that it’s light. If I’m in the mall for instance I can still keep it on while I do some errands without it being annoying while I walk around.

– Find similar coat on Boohoo 

Camel coat, which is such a staple item! I don’t think it can ever go out of style. I bought this one at Club Monaco a few years back. It’s definitely my favourite “fancy coat”. I used to work there so I took advantage of the employee discount. Unfortunately, I waited too long to buy it and ended up getting one size smaller than what I probably should’ve had, so it’s a bit snug. I can’t wear heavy sweaters with it, I think a good tip is to wear a thick sweater when you are purchasing your coat so you have a better idea of what is the ideal size to get.

-Similar coat available at Boohoo

And of course you need a good ol’ parka! It’s nice to be fancy and look fashionable but you need to be warm, so a hooded coated that can protect you from the -40s that we are about to have is a mandatory purchase. Take advantage of the holiday sales!

-This coat is on sale right now at Aritzia in different colours-

Last but not least, are the bomber jackets. It’s probably getting too cold for those but for the times when you want to dress more casual or aren’t feeling like wearing a long heavy coat those are my best choices. I got a really funky one last year from Vera Moda and I didn’t get to wear it yet. To be honest I am not big on too much colour or patterns but this beauty is one of my favourite jackets because it’s so different.

What about you? What are your favourite jackets? Or even better what are some of your favourite stores to get them? Help a shopaholic sister out.