…Shopping Escape to Aritzia…

Yay, a shopping adventure! Honestly, it’s been a while since I have done one. I have been trying to avoid public places as much as possible, considering our current pandemic situation! Don’t worry this post is not about covid and how it’s been ruining our summer. Today, I wanted to share some of my favourite items I saw at Aritzia the other day, so take a look:

1. Limerick Leather Shorts – These are a must have stable item, you can wear it all year, dressing up or dressed down.

2. Canto Silk Dress – Going on a date and want to look sexy but effortless? Try a silk slip dress, that will do the trick!

3. Margaux Check Blazer, is also a key item. You can dress it up or down with a pair of mom jeans.

4. Novella Mini dress – The puffy sleeves on this dress adds some umph to your look.

5. Prunella Knit Top, This top makes a casual look more interesting since it is a cropped wrap around top.

6. Gana Long Jacket, With fall around the corner this wool jacket will keep you warm and in style.