…Selfcare Sunday…

In the last post I talked about the importance of self care and how I need to incorporate it more into my life. I’m currently trying to find different ways to do that by finding the activities that help me relax. Recently, I heard about floating tanks (also called isolation tanks) and wanted to give it a try. They are dark and soundproof filled with salt water. You are basically floating for about an hour and it allows you to relax. I decided to give it a try and went to ISO Spa Floatation centre, which is on Bank Street in Ottawa.

When I arrived at the spa, a team member gave me the run down of how everything would work and told me to remove all jewelry, put in earplugs etc. Each room had a tank and a shower inside. Once you are ready to go in you can either leave the light on or turn them off. You also have the option of closing to tank or leaving it open. To get the full experience I closed my tank and turned off the lights. Afterwards, I laid there trying to find a comfortable floating position. At first, I have to admit that it was hard. I had braids at the time and didn’t want them to get wet so finding that perfect position took me a few minutes. However, it didn’t take me too long because sleep is everything to me and I can sleep anywhere. After less than 15 mins I was already sleeping.

Before I knew it the hour was done and I had to get up. I was informed that someone had a session right after me so I only had a few minutes to gather my things and take a quick shower. I would suggest taking the last session so you can take your time because it takes awhile to remove all the salt. All in all, I did feel relaxed during the session. I was able to gather my thoughts, focus on myself and even fall asleep during that time. The only thing that I can say was a negative of my visit was that I wasn’t told how to properly remove the salt after my session. After basking in salt water for an hour, I felt like I was literally turning into ash lol My skin got sooo dry and it seemed like the salt didn’t want to wash off. I came after work so I was wearing nice clothes, I ended up getting salt all over my clothing. To top it off I parked far so I had to walk around looking crazy, with salt particles on my skin looking like I hadn’t put lotion on in days.

My advice would be to research what can you do to avoid this, maybe use a specific soap. In my case it could have been due to the lack of time I had to shower because after I got home and took a thorough shower and put on lotion, I was fine. I would also suggest wearing loungewear instead or not making plans to go somewhere right after because clearly you might be shedding salt all over the place. Ohhh and if you drove, make sure to put a towel or blanket on the car seat. Apart from that it was a great experience, the staff was super friendly, they answered all questions. I believe it was a great self care discovery, just make sure to be more prepared than me. Make sure you tell them Mamy from TFE sent you!