…Portugal Memories…

Is it still winter out there? Yep, it’s still cold and snowy. Unfortunately, I will not be going on a trip anytime soon. The only thing I can do to keep me mentally warm is think of past vacations under the sun! A few summers ago I went to Portugal with two of my childhood friends who live in Europe. It was my first trip in 10 years outside of the country so I was super excited. I had never been to Portugal before and I actually didn’t do much research about it either. I was just happy to hop on a plane. My friends who are better planners than I am created our entire itinerary. We were going to stay in three different cities Lisbon, Coimbra and Porto; making it a road trip. I arrived in Portugal before them and once the Airbnb was ready, I decided to head over and wait for them there. Thanks to Google I was able to figure out how to get to the place which luckily enough wasn’t too far from the airport, I really felt like I was blending in with the locals (besides the lack of speaking Portuguese on my part).

When I arrived to our place I passed out, the jet lag got to me. The first night we went out to dinner, and I had the most amazing fish. It was so fresh! The next day we went to explore the city, Portugal has so many museums or historical sites including castles that you can visit. The scenery is beautiful with so many colorful houses and buildings. The architecture is also very impressive, they have conserved a lot of old monuments. The people are very nice and friendly.

When I compare North America to Europe, they are so much more relaxed and seem to take the time to really enjoy the moment. There are barely any fast food, or coffee shops to go ; it makes you feel less rushed. Honestly, I loved my time in Portugal I would love to go back and stay longer and explore more of the north end of the country. The only negative thing was that I got sick towards the end. It was very windy most of my time. I assumed it would be mad hot so I didn’t even pack many sweaters or long sleeve tops. Other than that, I had a really good time!

We visited so many different places castles, went shopping for a bit, went to the beach, discovered different monuments. I’d love to go back there one day!