…Not Creepers but close enough…

I am a diehard Rihanna fan and about 3 years ago when she came out with the creepers I HAD to have them, they just belonged in my closet (yes, unfortunately I am a product of this consumer society). The first time they were released they were sold out right away, so I missed out on them. The second time around I was more prepared. I was patiently waiting in my room for the clock to hit midnight, credit card in hand, ready to make my purchase. Once they appeared on the site, I quickly selected the color, the shoe size and was ready to check out. All of this in less than 5 mins- I was not going to have that damn “sold out” message like last time. Everything was going perfect until I realized I was looking at the wrong price; it was USD and not CAD which meant it was going to be way more than what I had budgeted. So I sat there wondering if I really wanted to spend $400-500 on pumas just because they were Rihanna’s. I mean don’t get me wrong the Creepers are beautiful, but I’ll be honest if they were just promoted on their own I probably wouldn’t have been as interested. There are other shoes I have been dying to have around the same price but I am having a hard time coughing up that amount because first of all I am not a baller yet and I got bills to pay lol I knew that I could cover at least two bills for the price of a purchase like this. Anyway long story short is I never ended up buying them haha That stupid conversion rate put a hold on my purchase! Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I’m strolling in the mall during my lunch break and I came across these ones, I fell in love with the color and the lower price haha they are not the Rihanna creepers but are close enough. Moral of the story – Good things come to those who wait…not sure if that is relevant here but I’m going to use it anyway!

Outfit details:

Top: Winners 

Skirt: Forever21

Shoes: Puma – click here for similar Pumas 



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