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Last year, I joined a really cool blog called Apt 613. It is a blog that is dedicated to uncovering the best of Ottawa’s arts and culture. They give people the opportunity to contribute by writing about various events happening in the city. This year they started 613TV, which have mini web series called the Ottawa Minute. You get to explore corners of the city you may have never visited, while interviewing people in Ottawa about their experiences. Unfortunately, I haven’t been involved until now.

The next upcoming feature is on Burlesque and I finally made a point to be involved this time! I helped out with interviews at House of Targ on Bank Street where the show was held. I had never been to House of Targ before so it was a nice opportunity for me to discover a new spot in the city.

The main concept behind House of Targ is to be more than just a bar or restaurant by providing a great time for people where they can enjoy live performances and a great selection of handmade Perogies, that even feature locally sourced quality ingredients!

Although the main event was a Burlesque show, they also had a live band playing during the intermission as well as other types of dance performances. Overall, the show was really good. People were entertained and having fun. Burlesque might not be for everyone but I really liked the fact that it was inclusive and promoting diversity. We live in a society where people are always body shaming. Seeing all the performers embracing their natural bodies, curves, and imperfections was really powerful to me.

In addition to the awesome food and performance this spot even has over 40 Pinball and other classic arcade machines all over the place, creating a really authentic look. You guys know that I definitely couldn’t resist the urge to be taken back to my childhood and play a few games. P.S. word on the street is I kill it at pinball!

Moral of this story, if you are looking for a good time and a new adventure go check out House of Targ on Bank St!

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