…Happy Place…

Few weeks ago, I was in Toronto for a work meeting. Once my meeting was done since I was in town for another night I decided to go venture downtown. I ended up going to  Happy Place, which is a very colorful exhibition with over the top installations. The concept behind it is to spread happiness around the world. So far Toronto is the third location of this world tour.

Happy Place has unlimited photo opportunities! I wanted to blog about it but I was a bit apprehensive because I went on my own and I didn’t have my tripod with me (full disclosure most my pictures are taken by myself with my tripod). Everyone there was camera ready, and I found people willing to take pictures of me along the way. They even have workers at each station that can take pictures of you. So not to worry its a nice activity you can do solo and have documented.

I had a lot of fun, each station is usually unique and elaborate. Check out some of my pictures below. And if I sparked your curiosity you still have until January 6th to go have a look. Here is the website for more info : Happy Place