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…A tourist in my own city – night chronicles…

Man, who knew that blogging was this hard?? lol. I commend all these bloggers who can stay consistent and keep bringing fun and interesting content. Between work, school, trying to have a social life and just flat out being lazy (my life consists of me laying in bed, eating popcorn and watching tv show reruns), it’s been hard for me to post on a regular basis. ┬áBut yea, I am a work in progress and maybe one day I’ll get it right. In the mean time, I just wanted to share some pictures I took last week.

I signed up to these photography workshops so I can learn how to use my DSLR camera. The workshop from last week was teaching us how to shoot pictures at night. We walked around downtown Ottawa and I always forget how beautiful this city is. I tend to just drive from one side of the city to the next and I don’t really get a chance to appreciate and take it it’s beauty.

Here are a few angles of the Chateau Laurier downtown…


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