Motivational Mondays

…Motivational Mondays…

This title is a bit misleading; you are probably thinking I’ll be talking about how great it is to be chilling on a beach enjoying the sun on my skin, the sand between my toes and a drink in my hand…but I am not. I am in fact not enjoying the weather right now, the sun is hiding somewhere behind the clouds, my feet are stuffed in boots that are most of the time ankle deep in a pile of snow, and my hand is usually holding a mug with hot chocolate. And yes yes I live in Canada so I should be used to this weather, but I would rather be use to handling the heat and the waves instead of frostbites and gloves that never seem to be warm enough. For anyone reading this who is enjoying the sun right now, please enjoy it for the both of us and don’t take it for granted. For anyone else who is stuck like me in this snow and -20 type degrees…it’s only the beginning. Sigh …stay strong. Happy Monday!

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