Motivational Mondays

…Patience is a virtue…

I saw something on a friend’s page the other day and even though I was happy and excited for them a little part inside of me was wondering “what about me?”. With social media, we are now apart of other people’s lives in a weird way. It’s like we have a front and center seat into their daily lives, drama, accomplishments, all their life moments -happy or sad. You can look at someone’s Instagram page and they seem to be having a blast, travelling over seas, having a cool job or just going to amazing events. Unfortunately, if you aren’t really doing anything comparable you might end up asking yourself that same question “What about me?” Well, what about you ? Their life has nothing to do with yours. Their blessings are theirs and yours are yours. We spend so much time as a society watching others and envying them that sometimes we forget that we need to go through our own struggles. And who knows what’s really going on in their life. I need to remember to trust the process and to simply be patient.

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