Motivational Mondays

…..Motivational Mondays…..

I am back to work today after an amazing vacation and having a long weekend of just chilling, catching up on homework, hanging out with friends and family. So this Monday morning is going to be brutal !! I had to mentally prepare myself for the tons of emails and requests that I’ll have, people stopping by my office when they realize I’m back and just a long day of playing catch up. Despite all that I’ll try my best to just think positively and enjoy the day. It also helps that I’ll be volunteering after work today and just being able to make a difference in someone’s life is so rewarding, and even if I do have a crappy busy or annoying day today, in the end of it all my day could be going worst and I need to remember how blessed I am, and make an effort to make today amazing….Happy Monday everyone !

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